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Do you want game where you can create more than 50000 particle in realtime and where all particles is a part of one big simulation? We are create game of your dreams.


Particle (in this game) is a part of simulation. It has s several properties.
Temperature - is a value that can make particle like a liquid, gas or solid.
Velocity - is a value that can throw a particle very-very-very-very....... far.
Mass - is a value that help particle to fall and calculate velocity.

And other.

Here you can add particles to simulation, delete particles from simulation, mix particles in simulation, pause simulation, unpause simulation. We hope what we do good game. If not then leave your comment. We read it and upgrade game. What do you wait? Play it!

Published Nov 18, 2017
AuthorDowow team
Tags2D, Funny, Gravity, mix, mixing, Physics, Real-Time, Sandbox
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksGamejolt page


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